Case Studies


Redken Color

Redken engaged Ultra 16 as a strategic partner to oversee long-term online strategy for their entire brand as well as bringing brand strategy to life via specific properties like Redken for Men and Redken Color. The success of our work with Redken garnered two Webby Awards (for Redken Color) among other industry-wide recognition.


After a very successful design and launch of the inaugural Redken for Men website, Ultra 16 was asked by Redken to develop their long-term online strategy, serving over eleven audience segments including consumers, professional stylists, salon owners, and retail chains.


Ultra 16 met with Redken stakeholders, conducted a competitive analysis and survey of online best practices/trends, and then identified several key observations.

Our observations showed that within the consumer marketplace competitors were increasing their relevancy - and sales - by delivering promotions, new product launches, seasonal/trend information and tips via online content. Trends like personalization of the user experience and custom lifestyle themes were gaining popularity. From the professional side, target users were increasingly using the web to inform their style, training/education, marketing, and business management decisions - an opportunity for Redken to lengthen engagement with their stakeholders.

In addition, analysis showed that online communities of interested and engaged consumers were evolving that directly affect both consumer and professional purchase decisions through word-of mouth and referrals. These communities provide a unique opportunity for Redken to gain key insights - like brand perception/valuation and changing tastes/trends - and use them to target customers.

Based on this extensive research and analysis, Ultra 16 delivered a three-year strategic plan that covered the following:

  • Definition of Target Audiences
  • Survey of Marketplace and Trends
  • Key Opportunities
  • Long-term Strategy Vision
  • Target Audiences and Components
  • Planning for a Phased Approach
  • Metrics of Success, Testing, and Optimization