Case Studies

Ann Taylor



Ann Taylor LOFT approached Ultra 16 with the challenge of designing an e-commerce website that captured the playful femininity of the LOFT brand while accomplishing specific business goals. LOFT also wanted the online shopping experience to be as enlivening to the senses as shopping in LOFT stores, where customers can peruse clothing arrangements by seasonal colors and patterns on tabletops.


Ultra 16's solution for the LOFT site was to tell fashion color stories via its visual design. Specific graphic elements on all site pages can be updated with the season's patterns and color palette, creating a sensory experience similar to in store shopping. To create an optimal online shopping experience and to uphold LOFT's desire to allow their online shoppers to shop creatively (as they would in their brick & mortar stores) Ultra 16 developed the site's unique "Create An Outfit" functionality. This allows shoppers to create different looks, matching tops and bottoms with shoes and accessories, then purchasing the entire outfit if desired. This proprietary merchandising tool has helped LOFT's average order size exceed company targets as well as separate LOFT from its competition.


Ultra 16 worked closely with LOFT's existing IT team to deploy this project. We both coded the front-end of the site and developed all of the form elements. Ultra 16's staff also managed the QA process for the launch of the site. Since the site launched, LOFT has exceeded its sales goals for each quarter.