Case Studies


Sony Electronics


Ultra 16 has successfully partnered with Sony over a wide array of projects and mediums. Our work for Sony spans interactive and graphic design, brand strategy, motion video, illustration, photography and copywriting. Among the highlights is work with the Sony Learning Center, Being Sony - Sony's employee educational intranet - and marketing for Sony Electronics.


Seeking to increase users' intent-to-purchase, Ultra 16 created the Sony Learning Center which organized content into the following categories - Enlighten, Engage, Inspire, and Innovate. Each section included commerce links allowing users to buy direct or locate a dealer and supplemental marketing destinations within the Sony Electronics' E-commerce website enforced the call-to-action. Digital Camera and Portable Audio product categories experienced over 10% increase in online sales the first two months post launch; email registrations increased 16%.


Recognizing that each employee impacts the integrity and power of the brand, Sony partnered with Ultra 16 to explore how an interactive environment could be used to continually educate employees about the brand. Ultra 16 created Being Sony using layered imagery, animation, and interactivity to entice users to understand the excitement and dynamic nature of the brand itself. Being Sony has won numerous awards and accolades including the HOW Interactive Design Award.


Sony Electronics, Inc. wanted a new way to showcase consumer electronics on the Internet. Ultra 16 created the campaign's strategy based on test-driving and experiencing the product before purchasing. The fusion of digital products into the life and work styles of consumers served as a strategic backdrop to the highly immersive experiences. For example, "The Shoot" invited consumers to test-drive a Sony digital camera and camcorder online. The microsite allowed visiting a (virtual) café where the user can actually capture still or moving images of the action taking place. They can then email those images to a friend or create a digital photo album online.